B FREE BOUTIQUE... Transition from fitting in to standing out!!

Transition from fitting in to standing out… B Free!!

What is B Free?

B Free is an online boutique featuring a wide variety of clothing for all ages, sizes and lifestyles.  B Free is for everyone!  It is a goal of ours to supply our customers with the best experience possible while shopping online or at one of our frequent pop-up shops.

B Free is dedicated to Brandi E. Rose, sister to founder Angel Porter.  “B” standing for Brandi and Free describing her free spirit.  Brandi was killed in 2006 along with a special close friend in a hit and run accident.  The driver of the accident that killed the two friends was never found.  The loss of these two wonderful people was a devastating blow to everyone that knew the two.  Both girls were very energetic, had free spirits, loved life, and were special to everyone that knew them. 

Living freely is the drive behind B Free.  It is my dream that B Free becomes bigger than I could ever imagine and a regular in the fashion business.  B Free is keeping Brandi’s spirit alive already by the 100’s of people that are walking around with winged B Free logo tees.  This alone has far outreached the vision I had in mind.  It is only the beginning and there is definitely more to come.  It’s a Movement!

B Free… A brand and a lifestyle.

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